Las Vegas & Los Angeles

Secure Merchandise Warehouse in Las Vegas & Los Angeles

It is important for event managers to properly store all merchandise to keep it safe before the event. PDS offers a great warehouse for storage in Las Vegas and Los Angeles at an affordable price that can keep every item safe.

Spacious Warehouses in Las Vegas and Los Angeles

We offer great warehouses in Southern California and Nevada to store merchandise and other items before your events. It is a spacious facility of 7150 sq. ft. where all your items can be stored. It has three loading docks to make it easier to move your merch in and out as needed. There are two loading docks especially for trucks, making it quicker to ship the merch, plus a ground-level loading dock.

We know how some items can become damaged if you stack more on top, so our warehouse is designed to hold 260-280 pallets without stacking.

Added Security and Protection

We have cameras and a state-of-the-art security system installed to prevent theft or damage to your merchandise. The entire property has security cameras monitoring the warehouse 24/7. Plus, we have a fire sprinkler system as well to quickly put out any fire, protecting your merch.

    Las Vegas Location

    7200 W. Post Road #105
    Las Vegas, NV 89113

    Ideally located near the Las Vegas Strip.

    Las Vegas Warehouse Overview

    • 7150 sq. ft. facility
    • 3 loading docks: 2 for trucks and one ground level
    • Holds 260-280 pallets without stacking
    • Ceiling height: 31 feet
    • State-of-the-art security system with cameras
    • Fire sprinkler system

    Los Angeles/Inglewood Location

    234 W. Manchester Blvd
    Inglewood, CA 90301

    Centrally located within 1.2 miles of the Kia Forum, SoFi Stadium, and Intuit Dome.

    Inglewood Warehouse Overview

    • 5000 sq. ft. warehouse space
    • 960 sq. ft. of office space
    • Ground-level loading dock
    • 20 ft high ceilings
    • Gated entry with security alarms & cameras

    Las Vegas Merchandise Warehouse

    Los Angeles Merchandise Warehouse

    We offer storage for events and an alternative shipping location for Las Vegas and Los Angeles-based shows at our warehouses.

    For more information please call call 626-825-5393 or contact Gary Hickman (gary@1pds.net) or Michelle Ramos (michelle@1pds.net).

    PDS Warehouse Video Tour: Get a behind-the-scenes look