Merchant Trailer Rental

PDS Offers High-Quality Merchant Trailers That Are True Value for Your Money!

We understand how difficult it can be to find a practical solution to selling merchandise at sporting events, concerts, festivals, and more. PDS brings the WOW factor you are looking for! We offer a no-hassle experience to a customized experience for guests to buy beloved merchandise. Just park our merchandise trailer and start making money.

With plenty of experience backing us, we provide merchant trailer rentals across 22 US states (and counting!). With the highest level of customer care and trained staff, you can rest assured that we will always have your back.

Merchant Trailers Available for Rent

PDS provides customizable 32-foot trailers, featuring plenty of space to feature your merchandise with its 180 cubic feet of space. It also comes with additional storage space and 120 cubic feet of wall space to highlight the best of the merch.

We provide delivery and pick-up services to your location with professional and dedicated drivers available for tours.

  • 32-foot merchant trailer for rent
  • Customized branding option
  • 180 cubic feet of space
  • Additional storage space
  • 120 cubic feet of wall space
  • TV-DVD Stereo surround sound system
  • Custom cabinets and display countertops
  • Secure office
  • Track lighting
  • 3 ceiling fans

Fully-Customized Solutions for Merchandise Trailers

PDS understands that the same thing may not be perfect for every event; hence, we cater to specific event needs for our merchandising trailer. We take branding, colors, and personalization seriously. So, we work with our clients to maximize the interest of your fans, followers, and guests in the merch.

When you rent merchandise trailers from PDS, we tailor the interior and exterior to boost marketing. From wall fittings to display cabinets, shelves, clothing racks, and more, we build a personalized merch trailer to meet your needs.

Benefits of Renting Merch Trailers from PDS

PDS offers a full-service merch concept when you rent our merchant trailers; we offer customized solutions to selling merchandise that can make it an extraordinary experience for fans, guests, and visitors.

  • Customize the trailer with your signature style with side and top banners
  • Many wrapping options are available
  • Plenty of storage options for your merch stock
  • Display features for countertops, cabinets, and wall space
  • Mobile merch option; perfect for multi-day events and tours
  • No-hassle option; more efficient than merch tents
  • Professional drivers available for tours
  • Get it up and running in minutes!

PDS offers a full-service solution for merchandise. Other than our mobile merch trailer, we also provide print and design services for merch for any type of event.

Interested? Contact Gary Hickman at gary@1pds.net or call 626-825-5393 to rent merchandise trailers now.